Make sure LookHuman doesn't steal your shirt designs lol (I made a typo in my first ask fml)

I technically can’t copyright my designs because I don’t own an y rights to use the Lana Del Rey name or the Jack Daniels logo.


me as a parent

Awkward moment when i cant take PhotoBooth selfies bc OS X Yosemite beta doesnt have Photbooth yet :’(

*lord, don't hate me for an "e" it was a mistake, I hate that dumb bitch

Love you

OMG! When i hear J.F.K. By Lana Del Rey i flyyyyy to a new world called Melancholia Paradise. I met Jesus, Leonardo Da Vinci and Elvis and while we have sex we talk about the end of the world.. thank you, my lorde

The last word ruined this wonderful message


white person eating ass: “this is so spicy”

remember when my url was stfuracheltice and i started gaining followers but then most popular girls in school’s quality started to decline so i changed to tvinblackandwhite before the song leaked but then lana fans who kept coming to my blog complained bc all they saw was hot guys on my blog so i changed so dangervvank

ta da wouldn’t it be awful if i changed my url again (tbh i want to but im not gonna)

Lana Del Rey - Go Go Dancer
47,611 plays!


Lana Del Rey | Go Go Dancer


when a hot person comes up to you image “hey your friend is cute” image


i should be stopped from taking selfies at 1am


i should be stopped from taking selfies at 1am

I love the playlist you made for California! I'm so so so so soooo obsessed with Hollywood!! I've been listening it for months I just can't get tired of it, Starry Eyed is a beautiful song too, and last Angels Forever, this song breaks me, it's so beautiful in every single way, I got goose bumps everytime I listen to it, specially the bridge, it ruined my life!! Those 3 are my favorite unreleased

Hollywood and Angels are the best outtakes idk why she never put them/remade them on Paradise or UV sigh :(